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Massage StockholmHello, my name is Inna. Since childhood, I have been drawn to the mysterious and supernatural. My journey into the world of massage began with professional training, where I became a certified specialist in various massage techniques.
However, in parallel with my development in the field of physical well-being, I started delving into esoteric knowledge and psychology. This fascinating path led me to mysterious spiritual practices, where I found harmony between the material and the spiritual.
My massage sessions have evolved into something more than just physical manipulation. I integrate meditation, yoga, and the use of various objects, from feathers to sarongs, to create a unique experience for clients. My work not only brings physical relaxation but also offers spiritual enlightenment and emotional tranquility.
Completing training at the tantra therapy school deepened my knowledge, and I now actively apply it in my practice. This learning path helped me realize that true values and the meaning of life lie in the purity of the mind and wisdom.
My clients not only find physical relief but also discover an entirely new and magical experience. These stories affirm that assisting in spiritual growth is not just a job for me but a source of inspiration and profound satisfaction. All of this motivates me to continue exploring, evolving, and sharing my unique vision of well-being.


Sakura massageExclusive Japanese Massage ”Sakura”

Welcome to the world of Sakura: healing, luxury, and sensuality.

Dear guests, we present to you a unique combination of sensuality and the healing art – Japanese Massage ”Sakura.”

Unique Features of Sakura Massage:

1. Energetic Harmony and Sensuality:
– Sakura’s technique blends Japanese traditions with sensual elements, providing a unique experience of relaxation and sensual pleasure.

2. Energy Point Activation with Ice:
– Using ice, Sakura stimulates energy points, bringing a feeling of freshness and sensuality.

3. Aphrodisiac Symphony:
– An aromatic symphony of orange, cognac, and hot stones creates a unique sensual atmosphere.

Health and Pleasure Benefits:

– Stress Relief and Mood Elevation:
– Sakura Massage not only brings pleasure but also heals, relaxing and relieving everyday tension.

– Enhanced Sensual Harmony:
– Sakura’s unique elements contribute to an atmosphere conducive to intimacy and relationship strengthening.

– Sensual Bliss with Hot Stones:
– Hot stones add a sense of deep relaxation, warming the body and providing sensual pleasure.

Procedure for a Sensual Session:

– Luxurious and Intimate Atmosphere:
– Create a cozy space with subdued lighting, aromatic candles, and soft music.

– Charm of Ice and Orange:
– The massage therapist uses refreshing ice elements and orange essences for maximum enjoyment.

– Elegant Finale with Cognac:
– The session concludes with a gentle massage using cognac, giving the skin a silky feel and emphasizing sensuality.

Sakura is the embodiment of sensual luxury and healing. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Sakura – the perfect blend of sensuality, luxury, and care for your body and mind. Mark your path to inner harmony and sensual satisfaction. Welcome to the world of Sakura, where each session is a unique journey to true well-being and sensual fulfillment.

SAKURA Massage price

60 min 2000
90 min 2500
120 min 3000
Boka Nu

Tantra Massage - Stockholm

Tantra MassageWelcome to the unique world of ”Tantric Massage”!

Allow me to introduce you to a special experience – tantric massage. In my massage practice, I have blended professional massage techniques with mysterious spiritual practices, creating sessions filled with harmony and energy.
Tantric Massage: Essence
– Integration of Massage and Spirituality: It is not just physical manipulation but an immersion into the realm of spiritual practices, including meditation, breathing exercises, and gentle touches.
– Elements of Mystery and Luxury: The use of various objects adds an atmosphere of mystery and luxury to each session.
– Tantric Energy: The flow of tantric energy from my hands creates entirely new and magical sensations, offering you not only physical relaxation but also spiritual enlightenment.

Advantages of Tantric Massage
– Harmony of Body and Mind: It provides not only relief from physical tension but also harmonizes the mental state.
– Exclusive Experience: An invitation to a unique journey within yourself, crafted for those who appreciate thoughtful and profound massage.
– Tranquility and Spiritual Peace: The feeling of absolute tranquility and peace continues long after the session concludes.

Tantric massage is not just a procedure; it is an invitation to harmony, relaxation, and spiritual growth. Discover new dimensions of well-being and immerse yourself in a unique experience that will transform your perception of massage. I invite you to the path of inner perfection.

Tantra Massage price

60 min 1500
90 min 2000
120 min 2500
Boka Nu

Hot stones massage

Stone massageWelcome to the world of harmony and relaxation with our unique hot stone massage!

Forget all your worries and immerse yourself in the ancient technique that fills you with the pure energy of nature – hot stone massage. Let’s explore how this unique experience can transform your body and soul.

Hot Stone Therapy Session:
Starting and ending the massage session, we carefully combine the harmony of manual massage with soft, gliding touches. This prepares your skin for the stone’s action and enhances relaxation, enriching the experience with sensual perceptions.

Therapeutic Effects:
– Improved Blood Circulation:Immersing you in pleasant warmth promotes better blood circulation, keeping your body in a state of perfect balance.
– Boosted Immunity: The experience of hot stone massage positively affects your immunity, supporting you in a state of overall well-being.
– Cleansing and Tension Relief:The stones help release tension in muscles and joints, cleanse pores, and eliminate toxins, providing a complete detox for your body.

Hot stone massage is more than just a procedure; it’s a journey into a world of bliss and restoration. Allow yourself to feel the natural strength and energy that this ancient ritual brings. Welcome to the world of harmony and relaxation

Stone Massage price

60 min 1000
90 min 1500
120 min 2000
Boka Nu

Conversational Therapy

Creating Harmony: Conversational Therapy
For those seeking a space for relaxed communication, conversational therapy offers friendly dialogues. Our sessions provide a platform for open conversations, inspiring you to share thoughts that you may hesitate to express. It’s more than just a dialogue; it’s an opportunity for genuine interaction and understanding.
In this space, we can explore not only fears and traumas but also everyday challenges. Whether it’s support or guidance in life’s complexities, the doors of conversational therapy are open to you. Let’s embark on a journey of conversation, self-discovery, and personal growth.
Feel free to discuss any dependencies you may have; openness and honesty are crucial to our therapeutic process. Conversational therapy is here to offer support, understanding, and a compassionate ear for those who simply want to talk.
In conclusion, conversational therapy transcends traditional approaches; it’s an invitation to uncover the layers of your inner potential. Welcome to a space where harmony, self-understanding, and growth converge.


30 min 500

60 min 1000

90 min 1500

120 min 2000

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boka tantra / Sakura / EROTIC massage i Stockholm

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