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boka tantra / Sakura / EROTIC massage i Stockholm

Massage StockholmMy name is Inna, I am a professional massage therapist, I perform various types of massage. I will help restore vitality, relieve pain and tension in the body, improve emotional state. In massage I use techniques aimed at improving and relaxing the body, at increasing the overall vitality. I know special techniques for launching energy processes in the body to improve the physical and mental state. The massage program is compiled individually for each person at the meeting.

What is spiritual massage for me?

Spiritual massage is a way to make a conscious transition from the hustle and bustle, worries and problems of ordinary life to the magical space of our soul. Through sensual, gentle, loving touches that will fill the body. In this fabulous atmosphere, opening takes place at all levels: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual. Consciousness begins to move to higher planes, where we experience love and harmony, our true nature.

During the session, I will perfectly relax you, fill you with energy, give you a state of care and tenderness, an experience of pure and sublime bliss. I create conditions where there is access to self-knowledge.


Sakura massageFor complete relaxation and vivid sensations, you can order the practice of Japanese massage ”SAKURA”. In ancient Japan, only emperors could rest like that. Now everyone can get a sakura massage. For relaxation, gentle touches with feathers, silk scarves, thin stroking with fingertips, light breathing are used. Relaxation is facilitated by aromatherapy and a relaxing atmosphere.

SAKURA Massage price

60 min 2000
90 min 2500
120 min 3000
Boka Nu

Tantra Massage - Stockholm

Tantra MassageI invite you to my author’s tantric relaxing full body massage ”Spiritual”
Tantric massage is an opportunity to immerse yourself in new sensations of the body, it is total relaxation under the influence of the flow of tantra energy, from my hands.

Tantra Massage price

60 min 1500
90 min 2000
120 min 2500
Boka Nu

Hot stones massage

Stone massageHot stone massage is an ancient technique that will fill you with the pure energy of nature.
A session of stone therapy begins and ends with a manual massage. Soft, gliding touches first prepare the skin, making it as receptive as possible to the action of the stones. And at the end, the massage enhances relaxation, maintains the level of endorphins and soothes.
Therapeutic effects: improved blood circulation, increased immunity, a feeling of pleasant warmth penetrating the body, reducing pain in muscles and joints, cleansing pores and removing toxins, removing excess fluid and toxins from the body, weight loss, improving mood.

Stone Massage price

60 min 1000
90 min 1500
120 min 2000
Boka Nu
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boka tantra / Sakura / EROTIC massage i Stockholm

I am in Stockholm, the Solna area and warmly welcome you to visit! It is also possible when I come to your home or hotel, in this case the cost will be as follows: massage + taxi in both directions.
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