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Massage StockholmHello, my name is Inna. Since childhood, I have been drawn to the mysterious and supernatural. My journey into the world of massage began with professional training, where I became a certified specialist in various massage techniques.
However, in parallel with my development in the field of physical well-being, I started delving into esoteric knowledge and psychology. This fascinating path led me to mysterious spiritual practices, where I found harmony between the material and the spiritual.
My massage sessions have evolved into something more than just physical manipulation. I integrate meditation, yoga, and the use of various objects, from feathers to sarongs, to create a unique experience for clients. My work not only brings physical relaxation but also offers spiritual enlightenment and emotional tranquility.
Completing training at the tantra therapy school deepened my knowledge, and I now actively apply it in my practice. This learning path helped me realize that true values and the meaning of life lie in the purity of the mind and wisdom.
My clients not only find physical relief but also discover an entirely new and magical experience. These stories affirm that assisting in spiritual growth is not just a job for me but a source of inspiration and profound satisfaction. All of this motivates me to continue exploring, evolving, and sharing my unique vision of well-being.

Tantra spiritual massage - Stockholm

Tantra massage is a unique practice that combines spiritual and physical aspects, aimed at creating harmony in the body and developing energetic flows. Based on the traditions of tantrism, this form of massage explores not only the physical aspects of relaxation but also influences the energetic centers known as chakras.

During the tantra massage, I employ refined techniques, including special touches, breathing exercises, and meditation. The goal is not only to provide physical satisfaction but also to stimulate energy flows in the body, promoting harmony and balance.

This form of massage also emphasizes the importance of presence and interaction between the practitioner and the client. A special energetic connection is created during the session, contributing to deep relaxation and the release of tension.

Tantra massage not only alleviates physical tension but can also contribute to spiritual growth, increased sensitivity, and an overall sense of well-being. It is an individual experience focused on strengthening the connection between the body and mind, creating a space for deep relaxation and self-discovery.

Tantra Massage price

60 min 1500
90 min 2000
120 min 2500
Boka Nu

Sakura sensual massage - Stockholm

Introducing the enchanting Sakura massage, where every touch is not just pleasure but a genuine encounter with the magic of Eastern beauty and harmony. This massage is more than a ritual; it’s an art that transforms you into a whirlwind of passion and tenderness, opening the door to the captivating Japanese tradition of love.

Throughout the session, I skillfully demonstrate exquisite massage techniques, creating not just curves but a true dance of tenderness, akin to winds guiding the blossoming sakura. Sakura is not merely a physical impact; it embodies gentleness, sensuality, and the enchanting energy of passion.

The massage process not only alleviates muscle tension and addresses emotional issues but also stimulates blood circulation, immersing you in a sense of complete bliss. With each touch, you’ll feel the fragrance of blossoming sakura, filling you with the breath of love and passion.

The Sakura program is a genuine kaleidoscope of tenderness and passion, recommended for those seeking not only relaxation but also harmony in body and soul. In a world of constant stress and the hectic pace of modern life, this massage becomes not just a comfort but a true salvation for your emotional and physical endurance.

Feel the magic of Sakura – your ticket to an oasis of tranquility and pleasure, where gentleness, passion, and the breath of love intertwine, transforming your body and spirit. This unique massage promises not only to relieve you from stress but also to leave traces of Eastern enchantment.

SAKURA Massage price

60 min 2000
90 min 2500
120 min 3000
Boka Nu

Viking Mix Massage

”Viking Mix Massage” is the art of blended erotic massage, where sensuality, relaxation, and pleasurable pain come together as one. It’s not just a set of techniques; it’s a true art that invigorates the body and stirs deep emotions with every touch and pressure on specific points.

This type of massage has been developed using various techniques from different massage styles, creating a unique experience that brings not only physical but also emotional satisfaction. Pleasant pain merges with sensuality and an energetic flow, creating harmony within your body and soul.

Often, erotic massage is misunderstood, but in reality, it’s a beautiful art with its own unique principles. Mixed erotic massage combines several techniques, making it even more captivating.

Every movement during the session is aimed at creating harmony, where physical pleasure intertwines with emotional bliss. It’s not just a procedure; it’s an interaction where complete understanding is achieved between partners.

The techniques of mixed erotic massage not only promote physical relaxation but also create an atmosphere of passion, sensuality, and energizing. Every touch is carefully thought out to evoke a flow of sensations and immerse you in a world of captivating interaction.

This type of massage not only satisfies physical needs but also deepens the emotional bond between partners. ”Viking Mix Massage” creates a unique experience where souls unite in perfect harmonious interaction.

Immerse yourself in this unique experience where your body becomes a canvas for expressing passion and sensuality, accompanied by notes of pleasant pain, creating moments that will be remembered forever.

Viking Mix Massage price

30 min 1700
60 min 2200
90 min 2700
120 min 3200
Boka Nu

Eclipse massage

Dark erotica permeates erotic massage, adding sharp notes of domination and submission, opening the doors to a world of deep fantasies and fragile trials. In this context, dark energy becomes both a source of strength and tenderness, creating an atmosphere of intense experiences and deep connections.

Dark energy, representing the hidden sides of our inner world, can serve as a catalyst for the liberation of desires and fantasies, as well as a means to explore the boundaries between control and surrender, between pleasure and pain.

However, it is important to remember that the use of dark energy in the context of domination and submission must be conscious and with the consent of both parties. This energy requires respect for boundaries and attention to the safety and comfort of all participants.

Thus, dark erotica in erotic massage with domination and submission represents an opportunity for deep exploration of personal boundaries, as well as for strengthening the bond and understanding between partners.

Eclipse massage price

30 min 2000

60 min 2500

90 min 3000

120 min 3500

boka tantra / Sakura / EROTIC massage i Stockholm

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